Kelsey Stone

All You Need is One

One person to open their heart and speak for those who are silenced To listen to you, and not see your anger as defiance To understand health is more than wealth It’s what keeps the tribe going It keeps the tribe growing One person to value your livelihood Even when you live in an underfunded neighborhood Where disagreements don’t lead to body bags and “protect Black women” is more than a hashtag One person to teach, not preach One person to not reprimand you when you get out of your seat Or when you scribble outside the lines So you don't fall into the school to prison pipelines One person to show you how it’s done Who won’t judge you when your knotless braids are in a bun Someone who will pay you by your experience and not your age Because no matter what, you need a livable wage One person to take a community Instill that sense of unity So that we can live in a space that was created equally, created for you and me So when someone is distraught at the thought of building a world that’s for us Know that there is capability among us Don’t look around like it’s over with and done We have a powerful nation with a strong leader Who is it? We don’t know yet, but all we need is one