Black Liberation Blueprint

The voices that made it possible.

The Talent

In order of appearance:

Merrill Robinson Jr.

"Charging Into the Future"

Joy B. Songeur "In Response to Reality"

Richard Wallace

"Freedom Ain't Free"

Brian Gorman

"Party Loyal for What?"

Lyn Patterson


Andrea Walls

"In Hand"

Ashleigh Rae Staton

"Poem II"

Grow Greater Englewood

"Black Cloud"

Rudy Bankston

"North Star"

Victoria Stewart "Centering Piece"

Helen Gebregiorgis

"Our Hands"

Candyce Fabré

"Project Semicolon"

Samantha Callendar


Chanita Jones

"Our Desire for Quality Public Schools:

Part 1 Defining a Quality School"

Kelsey Stone

"All You Need is One"

Kayla Brown "Insubordination"

Ray RogerThat

"A Symbol of Black Excellence"

Dr. James Woodard


Mike Strode "Change Everything"

Black, the Creator

"Be Scene"

Mara Lee

"Place of Illusionment"

The National Black Agenda Consortium

"The National Black Agenda"

Tanya Watkins

"Truth Out"

Jasmine Barnes

"to my daughter, not yet conceived"

Nia McAllister

"Consort of the Spirits"


Bria Corranda

"1 of 4 Women"

Matthew R. Manning

"The Children"

Blackroots Alliance

BlackRoots Alliance is a Chicago-based community organizing group grounded in a love for the Black community and a commitment to seeing our people achieve their fullest human potential.

BlackRoots Alliance was responsible for the framing of The Blueprint through their 5 Pillars of Black Liberation, and was a major contributor to all editorial and operational processes.

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Gumbo Media

Gumbo Media is an ecosystem of storytellers and cultivators who nourish and uplift Black voices. Gumbo subverts lack monoliths, envisions bold and boundless futures, telling the stories we deserve and the words we know best to spell.

Gumbo was responsible for the design of The Blueprint, and co-led the editorial process.

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Gorman House Publishing

Writing is a family business at Gorman House Publishing. We are happy, strong, vibrant, and resilient people. At Gorman House Publishing we want to help control our narrative, and no longer wait until someone shows us how we want to be seen. This our vehicle for our expression.

Gorman House co-led the editorial process.

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