Richard Wallace

Freedom Ain't Free

I'm not sure how I'm feeling.

If I’m healing Peeling off years of his words Racism is an eerie, eerie spirit Words can’t heal it It’s COVID Like, what’s COVID? Untrusting the unknowing Posing as perfection Halting all that’s growing Am I growing or am I shrinking? Am I shallow or have I deepened? Depends on the situation. I’ve grown accustomed to these mask Democracy works he says Obama gave hope he says Pieces of me that shatter in conversation Splatter all that’s caged in Splinters in all of my faces I feel like Geminis got it easy Only Two faces to please Me? I’m at about a dozen Some days From daddy to husband To un-presents for hours Fighting for ours Dying for ours Our Freedom Has A Cost! Freedom fighters have a cause But they also have friends and loved ones That miss them dearly That sacrifice their touch As they disappear into their work You are not forgotten! Gentile reminder of the cost you paid To end his reign This pain will soon subside But the work The work will live forever