Grow Greater Englewood

Black Cloud

Black Hues, the people of the soil, the roots, exposed. Vitamin D in ample supply. This future is representative of the past … Ancient times when Maat principles of TRUTH JUSTICE, HARMONY, BALANCE, ORDER, RECIPROCITY and PROPRIETY lifted our people out of chaos into DIVINE RIGHT ORDER. Healing the people, the community and the land. We stand, no longer running out of the land. The Four angels trumpets blare, mistaken for destruction, when in fact, it was the deflation for the return of a balance. Mother Earth and Father Sky. Look at me Joe, we are in the wind, the wild onion city. Funky, and ready, to clean out those constipated concepts. The metal casings from ‘69, swallowed up, by the earth. 16 shots, and a cover-up, sunk into our consciousness. We moved beyond cute snapshots and pious campaigns. Children of the soil, smiling wide and free, the trees and grass are iron red, a reminder of the past. The winds blow with lavender and jasmine. The healing has occurred and the abundance of the bounty feeds all in need.