Why does this resource exist? What was the impetus or importance?

You can ask 10 different Black people this same question and get 10 different answers. And that’s ok. This resource, the Blueprint for Black Liberation is a collection of poems, essays, and images that all explore possible answers to that question and hopes of sparking conversation about how we relate to one another and how we can work collectively to achieve our fullest human potential. For BlackRoots Alliance, we work towards Black liberation by being an organization committed to the safety and liberation of all Black people, promoting Black leadership and Black-centered community transformation as we work collectively to build social, economic and political power in order to end the war on Black people, heal our communities and fundamentally transform our society. We aim to inspire relationships and conversations that lean into a radical imagination of what the future could look like without the impact and influence of white supremacy. We practice this by coordinating collaborations and capacity-building projects related to the organizing, training, and mobilizing of historically marginalized communities. While no single construct can hold the vast wisdom among Black people, we focus our efforts along 5 Pillars of Liberation - wellness, safety, education, economics and democracy. Each of these pillars is reflected in the Blueprint and the submissions therein explore ideas of how we can heal from collective trauma, liberate ourselves from oppressive education systems, challenge economies that are based on exploitation, demand accountability from elected officials and reframe what it means to be safe. We hope this resource inspires you to tread your own path towards Black liberation and encourages you to link up with collectives like our partner organizations in order to work towards liberation for all Black people.

How does The Blueprint explore Black Liberation?

Black Liberation is explored in this tool through the lens of who is doing the work, creatives who are imagining a better future for Black people, and researched information on different policy aspects related to Black liberation.

Black liberation is expressed through poetry, essay, and visual art through the lens of five pillars of Black Liberation, as practiced by BlackRoots Alliance. The submissions therein were selected because they share a unique perspective on Blackness, and inspire new thoughts around social systems and visions for a world where Blackness is celebrated.

What will you find while you're here? What do we hope you walk away learning/feeling?

We hope that folks will find their place in the movement for Black Liberation and come up with a definition of what that means to them. This is a dive into the intersectionality of Blackness and the impact that it does and can have on our society.

BlackRoots Alliance's Five Principles

of Black Liberation

The pillars, or principles, represent concepts that are valued by our founding collective. Over the years, we come to a shared analysis on race, class, gender and see that analysis exemplified in these five areas of work. We practice these values in a variety of ways, from supporting campaigns to end police brutality to coordinating wellness events. While we are not always moving on all five pillars at once, we recognize that they are all interconnected and can build on each other, and all will be required if we are to move society towards greater expressions of justice.

Democracy Engagement

We are dedicated to connecting our people to the ballot box, but also by inspiring and training them to become the policy and decision-makers themselves.

Health & Wholeness

We are fighting for affordable healthcare, access to nutritious food, and an intentional commitment to addressing historical traumas.

Education Justice

We are working so that every Black child can have a robust and rigorous public education.

Economic Security

We are working to create a full employment economy for Black workers, reinvestment in marginalized Black communities, and support wealth creation and wealth stabilization for Black people


We are dedicated to the decarceration of our community members, police accountability and restorative justice.

Black Liberation Blueprint

Table of Contents


Democracy Engagement

Richard Wallace

"Freedom Ain't Free"


Democracy Engagement

Grow Greater Englewood

"Black Cloud"


Health & Wholeness

Candyce Fabré

"Project Semicolon"


Education Justice

Kayla Brown



Economic Security

Black, the Creator

"Be Scene"


Safety & Liberation